Meet the Final Fantasy XVI Development Team

Hiroshi Takai (Director)

Hiroshi Takai is the lead director of Final Fantasy XVI. He has worked on many titles for Square in various design capacities, though his last role as director was for The Last Remnant (2008).

Naoki Yoshida (Producer)

Naoki Yoshida is Final Fantasy XVI’s producer. Yoshida or ‘Yoshi P’ as Final Fantasy XIV fans like to call him, rose to fame as the director and producer who brought the FF14 MMO back from the brink. He worked closely with Hiroshi Takai during this time.

photograph of kazutoyo maehiro, creative director and original screenplay for ff16.

Kazutoyo Maehiro (Creative Director & Original Screenplay)

As the creative director, Final Fantasy XVI’s story and how it is expressed in various scenarios is Kazuotoyo Maehiro primary role. Maehiro has worked on well known Square titles such as Final fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII in both writing and game design roles.

photograph of Masayoshi Soken, music composer for final fantasy xvi.

Masayoshi Soken (Composer)

Masayoshi Soken is the musical composer for Final Fantasy XVI’s soundtrack. Soken is a talent known for his work heard in Final Fantasy XIV, though he has contributed to lesser known titles such as Drakengard 2 and Dawn of Mana.

photograph o Hiroshi Minagawa, art director of final fantasy xvi

Hiroshi Minagawa (Art Director)

Hiroshi Minagawa takes the role of lead art director for Final Fantasy XVI. Examples of his artistic direction can be seen in contributions to Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy XII, and XIV.

photograph of ryota suzuki final, combat director for final fantasy xvi.

Ryota Suzuki (Combat Director)

Ryota Suzuki helms the position as combat director and is primarily responsible for Final Fantasy XVI’s battle system. Suzuki is well known for his combat work for Devil May Cry 5, as well as Dragon’s Dogma and Monster Hunter World.

illustration done by kazuya takahashi, the ff16 character designer.

Kazuya Takahashi (Character Designer)

Kazuya Takahashi is the lead character designer for Final Fantasy XVI. Previously, he designed background art for Final Fantasy IX and X, and also made contributions to the Drakengard series. Most recently he has worked on Final Fantasy XIV and its many expansions.